I've been a developer for 3 years and I love making applications for the web, they're fun to build and can be reached by anyone on the internet. My most recent projects have been focused on Javascript frameworks with a preference for React.js.

Leaflet Smooth Geodesic visual

Leaflet Smooth Geodesic

Created an npm package for the public to use that extends the Leaflet Path class. This allows for smooth geodesic (Great Circle) curves from a source coordinate to a destination coordinate.

The Bouqs visual

The Bouqs

This full stack application challenge leverages a React/Redux front-end and JSON Server w/ faker.js backend (running on Heroku). This ecommerce concept app allows users to read product descriptions, add items to their cart, and review their checkout page. TDD approach to development using Jest + Enzyme.

Linkup App visual

Linkup App

This is a Lambda AWS serverless app using the Meetup API to show upcoming events in a user's area. This leverages other tools, such as recharts for interesting visuals to get quick information and the CI tool Atatus, and is also PWS compatible.

Bobchat App visual

Bobchat App

This react native chat app utilizing react-gifted-chat delivers a real-time chat experience. It has Google Firestore for server side and storage services. Read the detailed readme.md in the GitHub link for more information.

myFlix App visual

myFlix App

This full stack application using React, JWT, and Node.js for serverside (which queries a REST API built from scratch) allows you to create a profile, browse movies, favorite movies, explore directors, and update information.

Vue Todo App visual

Vue Todo App

A todo list app that was written using Vue to provide a responsive application that allows a user to add, edit, complete, and delete todo items with clean Material Design UI. Also implemented the Vue.Draggable package that allows the user to sort todo items.

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An accounting graduate turned developer, coding an enjoyable career

I'm a driven web developer with a passion for aesthetic UI, server side processing, and web animation. I’ve been working as a software developer for the past 5 years. With a demonstrated history of building scalable consumer applications in the government, public, and private sector, my exposure to developing different kinds of applications is expansive. This background has made me adaptable in shifting environments, high attention to detail on customer needs, and efficient at researching the right tools to get the job done.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife, my son, and our two Great Danes. I have a 1985 motorcycle that I've been repairing and retrofitting as a hobby. I get to occasionally ride it when it's in the mood. I enjoy 3D modeling with Blender to make photorealistic models. Finally, not surprisingly, I love coding and creating immersive apps outside of work.